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I was going through my Powers & Perils RPG stuff and this particular piece of worldbuilding caught my attention. (Sorry, it is a phone photo instead of a scan of the table).

I love this kind of stuff. In the 3rd edition D&D Scarred Lands setting you could invoke one of the fallen titans when casting a spell and it would provide a minor boon to that casting.

Ditto for this – if you speak the appropriate magical language, you have a better grasp of how some magics work / are crafted / etc. While most casters use the language in question when casting those spells, they are speaking the words by rote instead of intoning the words with a knowledge of what they mean.

Now I need to figure out how to implement something like this in my games.

I would definitely make it a part of researching new spells – you need to learn a magical language that works well with the intent of the spell so you can craft appropriate verbal components for it.

I can definitely see how it would work with Zzarchov’s Neoclassical Geek Revival (which has a fairly granular skill check and mana point system), but I’m more interested in wrangling this into B/X D&D, a Black Hack variant, or with Wonder & Wickedness.