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These lands were not always swamps and jungles. The rivers were re-routed, the lands flooded, the forests allowed to become dense jungle all during the falling days of the great civilization that was here before.

In the jungles and swamps you can find many remnants of what is now called the bullywug empire (not because the bullywugs were in charge back then, but because they are nearly ubiquitous within the old ruins).

Temple Ruins / Froghemoth Nest

Temple Ruins / Froghemoth Nest

This ruined temple complex stands out because of the solid pyramid at the south end of the plaza – although streams now flow across the old plaza itself and threaten to undermine the pyramid. Other surface structures are in worse shape, with long-lost roofs and significant damage to the walls, pillars, and ornamentation.

The centre of the plaza, under the stream, has become a large pool and collapsed through to the understructures of the temple. What makes this truly dangerous though is that this opening to the lower sections has become home to a massive froghemoth who now nests down in this sunken area.

There are four other holes down into the understructures from the original construction – shafts for air and light that pierced from the plaza to the chambers beneath that are now fully flooded with the water lapping just below the level of the plaza masonry. Stairs also lead down from the temple structure that has best survived the tribulations of time. These stairs lead to half-flooded chambers that in turn descend into the depths of the structure, full of water to the ceilings…

This map was drawn based on a request from one of my amazing Patreon supporters. As usual, I jumped from the description given into what caught my attention, but in this case the end result feels pretty close to the request in most details, down to bullywug paths around the structure to the pyramid where they watch and worship the great froghemoth.


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