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You may have seen a few posts here and on various social media showing off compass rose type things that I’ve been drawing. As of yesterday I had 15 of them done (16 if you count one I did as part of a commission, but that one is not here):

Today all 15 have been packed up as ultra-high-resolution PNG files and given to all supporters of the blog on Patreon.

Now, when faced with a Dyson map that lacks any clear indication of North, you can grab any one of these compass roses / north pointers / doohickeys what tell you the direction and slap it on the map for your own use.

Personally I recommend placing them at odd angles, DEFINITELY not aligned to the grid.

For those looking at commercial use options, I’m looking into making them available as stock art through DTRPG. Speaking of which, did you know there’s a stock art sale going on RIGHT NOW on DTRPG? And included in this sale are all my commercial map packs!