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I’ve been dealing with kidney stones this week, which has put a cramp on my creative work. However, I spent yesterday drawing a baseline stone grid which then turned into this:

The magic here is a set of perfectly tiling patterns that I drew yesterday. One is a 12 square x 12 square hand-drawn grid with my typical “rough stone” look. The other is a hand-drawn hatching pattern at the same size and scale. Using the magic of layer styles in Photoshop, we get something very close to what my drawing looks like.

This was the immediate result of the 1 minute map work shown in the video above. With a bit of fiddling with the layer styles, I got this next one which is even closer to my style. Add 5 minutes of drawing additional details to this and it will be close to what I release as one of my maps.

I’m going to keep working on the layer styles that I’m using, and will definitely be releasing the tiling patterns and instructions on how to use them as a freebie to all my patrons at my Patreon Campaign later this month.