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Multiple tombs are cut into the black desert stone here, looked over by the crumbling ruins of a hilltop temple dedicated to ushering the souls of the dead to their final destination. The whole tomb complex was abandoned by the Zorisz Sorcerer-Priests in favour of the massive pyramid tombs that they summoned forth by the city of Zorisz itself. Since then, these tombs and crypts have been ravaged by time and ghouls alike.

The Forsaken Sepulchers - East

The Forsaken Sepulchers – East

More recently, the ghoul passages have been invaded by wererats, generally holding to the southern areas where they have access to the mushroom caverns for food (although a few rogue ratfolk subsist on the rotting flesh of the ghouls themselves).

The ancient tombs, crypts, and passages abut on an underground river and small lake, meant to symbolize the passage of the soul to the underworld. Beyond these waters the structures take on another tone that will be explored in the next two maps in the series.

This map was drawn at 6 squares per inch and 1200dpi (so 200 pixels / square). If you are using a VTT, you want to shrink it to 140 pixels per square for 10′ squares, or 70 pixels per square for 5′ squares.


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