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To the West of the Forsaken Sepulchers, connected to them by a single stone bridge across the underground river, are these wretched caves of mushrooms and rot, connected by the passages cut from the stone by the Sorcerer-Priests of Zorisz.

The Wretched Depths - West Map

The Wretched Depths – West Map

The natural caves are taken over by rot and fungus. When the tombs and temples were first crafted, the bodies of both slaves and enemies were dumped here, and the river brings organic riches from two nearby oases in the old Zorisz deserts. Built around these caves full of bones and mushrooms are access ways built by the Sorcerer-Priests to get from the temples to the southeast to the deep stairs in the northwest corner that leads down below to the catacombs and even lower to the deep chambers of the desert elves and their undead lords.

This map was drawn at 6 squares per inch and 1200dpi (so 200 pixels / square). If you are using a VTT, you want to shrink it to 140 pixels per square for 10′ squares, or 70 pixels per square for 5′ squares.


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