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Between and south of the Forsaken Sepulchers and the Wretched Depths are the Desolate Shrines. Old temples, shrines, and a monastery act as the centre of these ancient caves, lost tombs, and dark passages.

Desolate Shrines - South Map

Desolate Shrines – South Map

Connected by bridges over the underground rivers to the other areas down here, this area features several memorable features – the lakeside temple with stairs into the underground waters (and the strange pools in the chamber beyond), a small cavern monastery still occupied by troglodyte anchorites who keep watch over the ghouls and wererats to the east, a multi-tiered chamber that was used for religious ceremonies, and stairways up to the ruined surface temples as well as stairs leading down beneath this area to the deeper catacombs and to the domain of the desert elves and their undead masters beneath that…

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