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The Forsaken Sepulchers, the Wretched Depths, and the Desolate Shrines combine into a single great “dungeon” known as the Winter Tombs.

This map is designed to be printed on a single ledger (11″ x 17″) page at six squares per inch. It is made available for your personal use in three resolutions – click on the version to embiggen it:

The Winter Tombs - 1200dpi (8MB)

The Winter Tombs – 1200dpi (8MB)

This is the big one. 1200dpi – suitable for printing anywhere or blowing up to incredible sizes and still have the print quality be good.

The Winter Tombs - 600 dpi (3MB)

The Winter Tombs – 600 dpi (3MB)

This 600 dpi version is suited to regular printing and still retains most of the detail of the 1200 dpi version. You won’t notice the difference between them visually when printed.

The Winter Tombs - VTT Edition

The Winter Tombs – VTT Edition

This final version is a jpg instead of a PNG because raw B&W bitmapping at 70 pixels per square instead of 200 looks very rough. This one is for people using VTT software and has been resized to 70 pixels per square.

jim pinto (crafter of hundreds of excellent RPGs & RPG products, and also known for the World’s Largest Dungeon) is in the process of writing up an intensely tasty adventure to go along with these maps. More details on his Winter Tombs as they become available.


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