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The stairs just opened into the land one day, and the miasma began to creep forth. Down beneath are twisted ruins that were not here before – a temple half-formed and then warped and destroyed. A stillborn abscess in the land where otherworldly gods would be worshiped and summoned.

The Miasmic Intrusion

The Miasmic Intrusion

I tried to draw this to feel not so much like a ruined temple, but the concept of a temple that was half-formed from diseased clay by someone not really sure of the process involved, nor the gods worshiped within.

This was put together based on a request and description by Evey Lockhart and is now the map for “The Miasmic Intrusion”, a Troika! adventure that she wrote and which is available for free from In Search of Games.

You can get your free copy of The Miasmic Intrusion here.

But also feel free to use the map for whatever twisted adventures it brings to mind in your own campaigns.


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