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The minotaur was rarely capturing those sacrificed to it – which causes problems when those sacrifices return to town seeking revenge against those who tied them up and dumped them at the labyrinth. So the king summoned help from academia. A multidisciplinary team of sages was assembled, headed by a theoretical physicist, and two weeks of intensive on-site investigation took place. The sages then returned to the palace saying to the king, “We have the solution, but it works only in the case of spherical minotaurs in a vacuum”.

Circular "Maze"

Circular “Maze”

Originally I started this piece as a very compact circular maze with a single access route that would get to the centre. An honest to goodness “maze”. The exact kind of thing I find incredibly “un fun” in actual play. So many walls were omitted, almost all dead ends removed, and multiple pathings were created that can lead to the central section. Now we have something that FEELS like a maze when you are in it, but that plays like a dungeon – some narrow corridors, some big rooms, and difficult to map because everything is in arcs instead of straight lines.

I honestly don’t think I’d ever use this myself, but there was a lot of interest in it when I was drawing it. I’d love to hear how you end up using it in your games.


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