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The Malachite Coast is anything within a few days travel of where the Green Run decants into the Chimeric Sea. Nominally centred at the city of Kingshill on the edge of the coast, the Malachite coast was once the home of the Govred Empire – an advanced Bullywug Constitutional Monarchy that collapsed a few hundred years ago (a dozen generations ago for the fast-breeding and short-lived bullywugs).

As such, there are still bullywugs everywhere – they make up a tenth of the population of Kingshill, and a third of the nearby Tiverwood Landing along the Green Run. Bullywug guides can be hired to bring adventurers and travellers to the other points of interest in the region – most of which were once bullywug towns, cities, and even mines that have been retaken by the wilds or looted by the colonial halflings and humans who established Kingshill.

The Malachite Coast

The Malachite Coast

This map was really an experiment with a number of alternate tools for both my line work as well as the textures I use for forests, deserts, swamps, water, and so on. It feels “rougher” than most of my maps, but I kind of enjoy the feeling of badly photocopied roughness that is used for both the forests and (more lightly) for the sunken salt desert on the north edge of the map.


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