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If you were one of the patrons of my Patreon campaign:

» Starting yesterday you would be voting on which older maps are being released under the commercial license this month.

» Today you would have received the Backstage Pass file for June, containing the ten maps being that are planned to be released on the blog this month.

» And you would have access to nine Patron-only releases including

        • The “InstaDyson” collection of perfect tiling patterns for quick and dirty dungeon design in my signature style.
        • The 2019 version of Dyson’s Delve, my well known eleven level mini-mega-dungeon (now with a new surface map to go with it)
        • Massive hex mats (36″ x 48″) that I drew for playing “The Fantasy Trip” at the new 1.5″ scale used in the new Legacy Edition (and a variety of smaller selections of these megahex maps, down to letter size).
        • 15 compass roses that can be easily added to maps when the cartographer didn’t include which way is north (like I often do).
        • Strange Stones – a 12 page booklet of random standing stones, menhirs, and monuments.
        • A two page treatment of the 12 Goats Tavern with prices, illustration, background, and of course floorplan.

Strange Stones Booklet

All this for supporting my endeavours to produce as many free maps for us all to use in our games as I can. Patronage of my works can be as little as $1 per month.

Thank you all for your support.