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Guddur's Wicked Teahouse

The City of Copper Bowls does not license or permit alehouses or taverns within the city (and “rogue” teams of city watch have been known to accidentally burn down such establishments that are opened outside the walls). Teahouses, on the other hand, are permitted to sell medicinal tea-based draughts, often containing no small amount of liquor.

Guddur's Wicked Teahouse

Guddur’s Wicked Teahouse

Guddur’s Wicked Teahouse is one of the larger teahouses, and one that pushes the limits of the concept of “tea based” and “medicinal”. Servers work the three levels of the teahouse all day and night delivering steaming bowls of “sharp tea” to the many rooms and tables on site.

There are no bathrooms or outhouses, but there are several incredibly foul-smelling alleyways nearby.

Guddur's Wicked Teahouse (no grid)

Guddur’s Wicked Teahouse (no grid)

Guddur himself is a dwarf with a bulbous red nose and no beard but a long mustache that is slowly turning white. He’ll be glad to recount tales of anarchy and revolt against the Satrapy over hot tea with new adventurers, mercenaries, and their ilk. He likes to keep tabs on the new troublemakers in town and is still an agent of the Satrapy in Corvussun.


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