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I drew this map two years ago this summer – during the early days of my love affair with sharpies. It is specifically a bit of “dungeon shrapnel”, a chunk of dungeon map independent of the spaces & dungeon around it. It is one of several attempts to make a dungeon map that reflects my own and some close friends of mine’s experiences and feelings about depression.



There is a scale that is difficult if not impossible to deal with. There is darkness, sometimes completely out of control. There are twisting, narrow, claustrophobic halls that wind down to a hole. There’s a whole section that has just lost shape entirely with the floor floating off into a void – whereas another section, hidden away, seems to be self-destructing much more violently. Some bits and pieces are completely inaccessible now, isolated and lost. Passages lead nowhere.

I’m really proud of this map. It was drawn as a favor for a friend – Christopher Mennell of theSecretDM and In Search of Games for A Voice In The Void. I don’t think it ever got published, and thus I bring it here.

I used the map for one of my games to describe the space within a corrupted Maze spell cast by a self-destructive lich. I would love to know what uses you come up with for it.


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