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Linyaro 2020

On the known maps of Tekumel (the world of the Empire of the Petal Throne RPG), Linyaró is just a dot on the distant southwest edge of the map – one of three colonies on the Achgé Peninsula of the “Southern Continent”, and the toehold of the Tsolyani Empire upon those lands.

It is a fairly well-established colony that has already outgrown the original colony city walls and is now pushing against the new walls. It isn’t old enough to have experienced a Ditlana yet (where sections of the city are torn down and then built over), so it has no underworld / undercity.

Updated Linyaro Map
Updated Linyaró Map

Even though it is a borderlands city, the walls are more to isolate and control traffic in and out of the colony than for actual defense, and the expansion of the city walls show many signs that it was done as a method of extracting as much funding from the Petal Throne as possible. In the end, the southern wall along the river’s edge never got completed and the light grey wall shown on the map is a rough foundation and markers of where the wall will be when it is done.

I originally drew the map of the colony city three years ago when our campaign first moved here. This revision includes changes to the colony since we arrived, as well as a significant improvement in my city-drawing style.

I’ll also post a version of the map with all our sites of interest from our campaign marked on it in the next day or two.


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