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Linyaró, keyed
Linyaró, keyed

I posted the map of Linyaró yesterday, but thought I should share the keyed version from our campaign. There are still a number of important buildings that need to be marked on the map at some point – but these are the ones that have come up in our campaign so far.

One of the key differences between cities in Tekumel and those in most fantasy settings are the importance of clan houses and temples. The largest clans have the majority of their families living under one roof in the clan house. A large part of the work that these people do is also within the clan house. For more religious clans, many of the clanfolk sleep and live at the clan house, but do most of their work at the appropriate temples.

And in Linyaró, since many people here have only a few clan members with them in this distant colony city, the temples also house a large number of their people directly within the temple structures (as well as having spaces to deal with less religious temple business). Thus the well-established temples in the city are huge affairs that house the majority of their imported priests, sorcerers, servants, and workers. In some cases the clan houses are practically empty – existing more because the clans feel the need to show that they are important and have large and lavish clan houses.