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The dark creepers occasionally strike out from a cave not quite far enough away from the Blue Gods’ Step Well. That step well bears the blessing of the blue gods, and thus always has water even in the driest seasons. Thus, this year the villagers find themselves walking the 90 minutes to the well every day and those who would do so in the cooler night hours have been found slain and mutilated, their smallest fingers removed.

Dark Stalker's Ascent

Dark Stalker’s Ascent

Someone needs to go to the cave where the dark creepers are based, find out how many there are, and see how to stop them.

Fortunately, there are not too many creepers in the cave, but a single dark stalker is their master and lives in the upper levels of the constructions deep within the cave – the Dark Stalker’s Ascent is practically a tower cut into the stone above the cave where the creepers live.


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