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I found this ancient bookmark while going through some of my few remaining physical novels – in this case it was in Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (which I didn’t really enjoy when it was released in 83 because I was still enthralled with the original two Pern trilogies, but enjoyed a lot more in 2012 when I re-read the whole series after Anne McCaffrey’s death).

Bakka Books Bookmark

Bakka Books Bookmark

I remember bringing the bookmark in to school in 10th grade and redrawing the right hand side (the ship, planets, and foreshortened versions of the “exhaust”) as the cover for my portfolio in art class that year.

I always loved visiting Toronto through the 80s because it meant I could spend an afternoon digging through the shelves at this location. The sheer selection of science fiction and fantasy there was incredible, and the staff have always been both knowledgeable and helpful – a good number of the old Bakka staff have gone on to have excellent writing careers of their own.

I’ve actually never visited any of the other locations since they moved, and had NO IDEA the Silver Snail was the off-shoot of the comic store half of the original Bakka.

The store has moved several times since the 80s, but is still going and is still focused on speculative fiction without the trappings of collectibles and models.

July Maps - 10 years

July Maps – 10 years

While on the topic of flashbacks, once again I went back a decade on the blog and grabbed one of my older maps to compare to my newer work. I’m occasionally flabbergasted that the blog is over eleven years old now, and I’ve been posting maps here for the majority of that time.

And I’ve been getting better. 🙂