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Shrine in progress

In the Desert of Eyági near Fasiltúm is an ancient shrine of Durritlámish, the Black Angel of the Putrescent Hand, Opener of Catacombs. Little of the shrine remains above the desert sands beyond fallen pillars and a few cyclopean stone blocks that frame an archway and stairs leading down beneath Eyági.

Sand and small stones have infiltrated the underground shrine down these stairs, but the structure is such that most has fallen in the deep central chamber, 60 feet below the base of the stairs.

The Deep Shrine of Durritlámish

The Deep Shrine of Durritlámish

The stairs lead to a set of bridges across the central chamber of the shrine and there is never enough light from the sun to illuminate the floor 60 feet below. In that lower chamber and in the various catacombs below are a small army of desiccated undead guardians marshaled to the eternal service of Durritlámish. Making any major noise or dropping items down into the chamber will alert them to the presence of potential tomb robbers.


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