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The menhirs of Crowned Hill have been here for a few decades – erected by an order of druids who come out from the nearby farming communities for their rituals, gatherings, and occasional parties.

Crowned Hill

Crowned Hill

The hill has a set of six menhirs set atop it, with two more marking the way up the hillside. Slightly behind the menhirs is a low, wide dolmen used as a ritual table, altar, and honestly just a place to put down the mead when you need to gesticulate with abandon to really get a point across in conversation.

Two “caves” lead beneath the hill to a temple that is significantly larger than the hill would indicate. Six more menhirs are set within the great chamber here, with ritual space to the west, a few caverns (and a pool of clear water) to the north, and rooms used for storage and occasionally to live in on the east. Stairs lead further down – either to a full “dungeon” level or two, or just to a small damp storage or treasure room below.


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