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Temple of Illhan the Binder in progress

I’ve been on a bit of an isometric map kick lately and last month I posted a comparison between one of my recent iso maps and the maps of the Temple of Illhan the Binder that I posted to the blog a decade ago. A few people suggested that I take those old maps and draw them in my new style.

Isometric Tomb of Illhan the Binder

Isometric Tomb of Illhan the Binder

In the hills of Urh, a halfling village has recently discovered the ruins of an ancient temple. The church of law in Oakridge knew what this meant – they had rediscovered the razed temple of the Binder, a lawful but very evil goddess of chains and bondage.

Some old rumours of the ruined temple are easy to find in both in Oakridge and the closer halfling village – including that there is a treasure room with the regalia of a champion of good slain by the Binder’s servants deep in the bowels of the structure; that the halflings in the nearby town were actually secret followers of the Binder, keeping the religion and fell practices of this place alive to this day; and a massive creature like a mass of hooked and barbed chains “lived” in the catacombs.

To make this isometric version of the dungeon map, I switched the orientation of one section in the “back” of the map so it isn’t hidden below the main level – but generally stuck to the map as it was originally designed.

You can see the original maps of the temple here: [Level 1], [Level 2]


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