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Found on Theatre Street, a few blocks from the College of Music and the Grand Theatre, the Raven’s Rum & Roosts tries to dress itself up as a more upscale inn than it is. The manager, Giles Baar, always wears a long black coat and bow tie and his hat is home to a raven (taxidermied, but that isn’t immediately obvious) – he keeps the lighting in the tavern fairly low and attempts to maintain a mien of being both aloof and friendly.

The Raven's Rum & Roosts

The Raven’s Rum & Roosts

“The Raven” primarily serves goose (stew or roast depending on the day), rum, grog (rum and water in a 1:4 ratio), and a local pale ale. Upstairs from the tavern is the inn with five rooms – while none of the staff live at the inn, on slower nights one of the double rooms is often given to staff who need to return the next morning.

The Raven's Rum & Roosts (no grid)

The Raven’s Rum & Roosts (no grid)

Outside of the Raven on the ground floor are a pair of outhouses (with back access for nightsoil collection) and a small storage shed that is generally used for slaughtering and plucking geese and to hold empty kegs and casks. Deliveries of food and drink are taken to the back door of the inn, whereas the local goose farmers deliver their geese to the storage shed.


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