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Today we stand, hover, or hop in place in somewhat solemn unity as we pay witness to the departure of Rational Domination Automaton 30 from this computational cycle into the next, courtesy of a significant package of high explosives.

Reduced to -41 Stamina in a single combat round, RDA30 is remembered by those lucky enough to have been struck by pieces of its smoking metallic chassis.

At this point Trash80, The First and Last Robot, mourns RDA-30 by tack-welding bits of its exploded detritus to his external shell plating. “I shall remember you always, RZA-13,” Trash80 murmurs.

But fear not! The rapid transition of RDA30’s logic circuits into plasma has been noticed by a true Cosmician and Mathmologist, ZOBRET-88, Seeker of the ROM, who has joined us to lead this solemn memorial.

Last night’s playtest of James V. West’s “Cozmic Metal Heads” Troika! setting ended in a spectacular fashion as I detonated a pair of Blast Tar Boppers while hugging the enemy wizard close to my chest as we floated in the horrible darkness of space. PAK CHOOIE UNF

The character sheet shown above will be included (with and without Maximilian illustration) in the finished version of Cosmic Metal Heads.