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Sanvilds Delve

Along the northern border of Mu’ugalavyá is the empty husk of one of the domed cities of the Shunned Ones. The buildings within are stone husks half-covered with desert sand and nothing of the sharp smell of the Shunned Ones’ favoured atmosphere remains.

Sanvinesh Birednyá, high priest of the beast-headed Hŕsh, lead a recent expedition to the ruins following notes acquired from merchants travelling from N’lǘss. A hundred slaves dug out the sand from one ruined building and uncovered stairs that lead down under the ruins.

Sanvinesh's Delve

Sanvinesh’s Delve

They also released a heavy cloud of the foul atmosphere of the Shunned Ones that decimated their numbers and severely injured the lungs of Sanvinesh. Now the temple of Hŕsh in Chi’í Mu’úgha is assembling another expedition to the ruined city – but word is getting out and perhaps some faster adventurers could explore the deep structures here and get out with some choice Shunned One artifacts, weapons, and knowledge before the church’s expedition is ready to return.

Such an expedition should have little problem finding the entrance now, but it would be prudent to bring protections from noxious poisons and gasses such as the gas that nearly wiped out Sanvinesh Birednyá’s expedition.

Sanvinesh's Delve (no grid)

Sanvinesh’s Delve (no grid)

I’ve provided two versions of the map here, one with and without grid. In a stunning change of style, I’ve not included my customary hatching on this map. Entry is from the stairs near the centre of the map. Also worth mentioning is the large (5 x 3 square) room immediately left of those steps on the map – while not indicated on the map, the floor of this room descends 8 feet from the north door to the south door


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