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Dungeon of Holding in the Book of Holding

I received a copy of the shiny new “Book of Holding” in the mail two days ago and almost immediately began to draw a dungeon in it. The book is lovely and shiny and features Hydro74’s artwork on the cover and as divider sheets within. The paper is nice and heavy (about 32lb stock would be my guess) with a grey grid that doesn’t quite come out in scanning like a traditional blue grid can.

Dungeon of Holding

Dungeon of Holding

Welcome to the Dungeon of Holding – a small complex hidden underneath [insert dungeon you are exploring right now] via a secret stairwell. Mummy sorcerers and their mobile statuary guard the halls, and bizarre things crawl about in the sealed caverns.

A secret escape tunnel is down here also, and the most likely manner to find this whole extra complex is a villain attempting to escape down this way, or a treasure map indicating their secret escape plans.

Dungeon of Holding

Now that I’ve done doodling in this lovely book, I’ve put the book and map up for auction via the RPG Auctions group on Facebook. It is a private group, so if you want to bid on it you will need to join the group and be approved first – which is why I’ve made it a long auction, running until August 25th.

Dungeon of Holding Auction on Facebook


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