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Lost Tombs WIP

Jaikalór isn’t all that exciting – a small mercantile city that exports cloth from the many looms here, and timber harvested from the Forest of Gilrayá that it is nestled against. The city has changed significantly since it was captured (bloodlessly) from the Ebon Throne three hundred years ago – much of the city has been rebuilt in that time and it continues to slowly “move” towards the forest, following the clearing of land there.

Lost Tomb Complex

Lost Tomb Complex

These changes in the structure of the city have left the old necropoli from generations ago far behind the trail of urban renewal (this most recent move of the city eastwards towards the forest isn’t the first – there are records of at least two more shifts in city infrastructure towards the east).

These particular tombs are about 12 Tsán (just under 10 miles) from the current city of the dead on the west side of Jaikalór. The land here is turning into a plateau of farmland as the old surface tombs and memorials are long gone, but it isn’t unusual for a hmá herder to run into the crumbling remains of a lower tomb entrance, usually buried beneath layers of dirt over old bricks – the farming clans would use the old tomb entrances as a place to dump old bricks that turned up in their fields as they reclaimed the land.

Lost Tomb Complex (no grid)

Lost Tomb Complex (no grid)

But these tombs caught the hmá herder’s eye as the entrances appear sealed rather than accidentally buried. With a half dozen friends, the seals were broken and the tombs opened…

And no one has seen the herder nor his friends since.


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