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The Beholder Pit - WIP

Why make things easy? Beholders have the ability to truly craft their own environments to take advantage of their abilities. This beholder lair is specifically not extra-difficult to navigate – implying that the beholder has allies who cannot levitate or fly. But the various sections of this lair are mostly separated by long vertical shafts to make moving between zones exceptionally difficult for those who lack the beholder’s means of travel.

The Beholder Pit

The Beholder Pit

The feel of the lair is set at the entrance. A set of fairly steep stairs leads down directly to an open pit that descends 70 feet to the lower levels of the lair which are occupied by subservient subhumans who will gladly attempt to eat any non-beholder that descends here.

The top of the shaft is bracketed by a small antechamber for visiting guests and a door into the main lair that is typically barred and sits flush with the shaft wall opposite the antechamber. Once invaders have navigated this incredibly awkward entrance into the beholder pit they find themselves in a series of chambers that are mostly connected to each other vertically by shafts that beholders can float up and down with ease to give them mobility advantage over most unwelcome guests.


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