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The Monday Group hit a spot where none of the four rotating DMs had anything ready to run last Monday…

So we broke out Fiasco. We knew going in that it would be a hot mess since we are six players instead of 3-4, only one of us had ever played Fiasco before, and the time slot is only 2 hours long.

Unaussprechlichen Klutzen

Unaussprechlichen Klutzen

We pulled out the Unaussprechlichen Klutzen playset (Mythos scenarios gone terribly wrong) by Graham Walmsley.

The crew consists of a pair of frustrated hitmen who cannot kill their target (who may or may not be the King in YOLO); the host of a public-access kids TV show in possession of a blasphemous trinket and aware that Mr Burn’s has the matching piece; the Mr Burns style “creepy old man” of the town of FrogPort (who wants the other trinket and is about to lose his house); a bookstore clerk desperately looking to get laid (with the King in YOLO, who is financing her acquisition of the Burns house); and my storeowner of the shop of “blasphemous trinkets”.

We’ve got two Mi-Go weird high tech spheres (now three!) that we’re trying to gain possession of; a romance between one of the hitmen and the kid’s TV show host; a love triangle between the King in YOLO, the bookstore clerk, and the other hitman; Mr Burns hiring the hitmen to take care of the TV host AND the bookstore clerk (but accidentally hiring the hitmen who are already in relationships with those two characters); the bookstore clerk somehow pregnant and way too far along; the King in YOLO is fronting her money to buy out Mr Burns’ creepy cliffside mansion; I’ve used my blasphemous radio to contact Yuggoth after getting shot by one of the hitmen; and then the tilt hit and we’ve got a new player on the board watching and waiting to get involved (a cult? the King in YOLO? something else?) and a monster has been released to wreak havoc.

And the buzzing keeps getting louder as the Mi-Go approach.