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Pentagon cove obviously predates the current tenants – a motley crew of human and grippli who occasionally plunder coastal shipping from their collection of small boats and organize night raids on coastal towns.

Pentagon Cove (1200dpi)

At the entrance to the cove is a watch “tower” cut into the rocky cliff face which is also home to a number of the human raiders who live here in hammocks. Connecting the “tower” to the main sections of the cove is a series of wooden piers that typically have up to a dozen small boats lashed to them.

Pentagon Cove – No Grid (1200dpi)

Finally we have the pentagonal centre piece with stone stairs that lead down into the water and three bridges leading into the deeper underground structures that have become their base of operations. Stolen goods are stored in a cave attached to the “beach” on the east side – the intention being that if people come here looking for their stolen loot, the raiders can hole up in the old structures and abandon the goods in favour of their lives.

Pentagon Cove on Paper (300dpi)

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