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The Magi in Sapphire was a small self-serving order of psychically potent arcanists and anarchists. They waged petty wars against those who wouldn’t share their magics with the order, and yet hoarded their knowledge and secrets from all outsiders. Eventually, they went their separate ways in an incredibly spiteful and explosive manner – those magi not caught in the initial wave of violence hunted each other down for vengeance or spite.

Dread Shrine of the Magi in Sapphire [1200 dpi]

The Magi in Sapphire would be a minor footnote in tomes of arcane history, but then came Eoryth, Champion of the Blue, a Sapphire dragon claiming to have once been Cerulean Eodwell, one of the magi thought destroyed. Eoryth had this shrine built, and commemorated a few of the slain Magi with whatever remained of their legacy – bas reliefs of their great conflicts, carved columns in their image, statues, and a few tomes of esoteric knowledge.

Dread Shrine of the Magi in Sapphire [300 dpi]

Then Eoryth disappeared. But the shrine is still there, dug under the Plateau of Corix, tended by a new small order of Magi in Sapphire who claim that Eoryth still answers those who leave a suitably large sacrifice in the various chambers of the shrine.


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