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A great flying beast has moved into Foxtail Grotto! While it is hard to get much out of the previous tenants (being bandits and all, they aren’t keen on being interrogated or even admitting that they were set up in the old waterfront cave), the beast appears to be some sort of massive two-headed sphinx.

Foxtail Grotto (1200 dpi)

The beast rampaged through the grotto but is too large to comfortably enter the passages cut into the side of the caves by the rebel Coalbone dwarves when they took up residence in the caverns to avoid their clanmates above.

Foxtail Grotto (no grid) (1200 dpi)

Originally the bandits were planning to escape using the secret passage into the back of the caves, only to find the beast already settling in to that cave, chowing down on the bodies of the deceased. It spoke an ancient dwarven riddle from one head while the other continued to eat. The bandits had no interest in answering the riddle, and instead ran out the front door and swam for safety because the creature had cut loose the boats it hadn’t destroyed.

Foxtail Grotto 300 dpi promotional (no commercial license)

Now the beast is believed to still be living in area 13, and shaking down the bandits will tell of the secret door between 11 and 13. There are still a few bandits (poor swimmers, or just unwilling to leave their lost loot behind) hiding in the small cave at 2.


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