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My biggest single-page dungeon is now available in poster format via my Redbubble storefront.

At 11″ x 17″ as drawn, the 10′ squares are 1/6 of an inch across.

The small poster is 23″ across, so 1.35x as big. So 0.225 inches per square. (half-way between 4 and 5 squares per inch)

The medium poster is 33″ across, so 1.94 times as big. So 0.324 inches per square (close to 3 squares per inch)

The large poster is almost 47 inches across, so 2.76 times as big. So 0.46 inches per square.

To blow this up to miniature scale (where each 10′ square is 2 inches across), you would need something 11 feet tall by 17 feet long – which is somewhat beyond any of the Print on Demand services that I know.

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