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Ichor Map Progress

A bright green ichor seeps and flows along the halls of this place. It moves slowly and ripples even when there is no breeze or outside disturbance. The effects of the ichor upon living creatures is unpleasant and best not described here…

Ichors of the Green Lords
Ichors of the Green Lords (1200 dpi)

Finding the source of the ichor in the caverns beneath makes things no clearer. Two pools of it accumulate down here, but this is not where it ends, this appears to be where it begins. Drops of the green ichor fall upwards from the pools in 12 and 14 to the ceiling above and seep through the stone to the two main pools above in 4 and 8 respectively.

Ichors of the Green Lords no grid
Ichors of the Green Lords (no grid) (1200 dpi)

The grand chamber at 8 (and the mezzanine above at 18) are where the “green lords” hold court. Six people dressed in heavy green robes with jade masks stand in the six niches around chamber 8 when “guests” come calling – assembling over 10-30 minutes from their chambers in 23a and 19a, b, and c or wherever they are in the complex when visitors enter chamber 8 (which isn’t easy in this day and age, as the portcullis at 6 is heavily corroded and frozen in place by the ichor).

When addressed, however, the response doesn’t come from the six green lords, but from a voice above in area 18.

Ichors of the Green Lords
Ichors of the Green Lords (300 dpi) (promotional)

The 1200 dpi versions of this map were drawn at 300 pixels per square and is 14400 pixels wide (48 squares). For VTT use you’ll want to reduce that to either 48 squares (assuming 5′ squares) or 96 squares (assuming 10′ squares) at the VTT’s resolution (usually 70 pixels per square, so a width of either 3,360 or 6,7200 depending on the scale you want to use – I recommend 10′ squares so the halls aren’t all single file spaces).


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