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One of the reasons I adore the Troika! RPG is that it is built on the foundations of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy system (it goes way beyond it though by removing the most imbalanced character creation rule from AFF and replacing it with the d66 table of character backgrounds which everyone tweaks to mash the game into their own weird settings – and the weirdness is a BIG part of the awesome for Troika!).

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF) is one of my important later foundational RPG systems. The B/X D&D system’s release in 1981 taught me that I prefer clean and malleable rule systems over arcane and complex ones and when AFF was released in the late 80s it was once again that breath of fresh air – a system that was quick, smooth-running, and easy to hack and modify to your taste.

The second edition of the game (released in 2011) fixes a few of the problem spots with the original game and reinvigorated my love for it. But the character sheet…

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Character Sheet
Advanced Fighting Fantasy Character Sheet

Considering that the style of most of my character sheets is inspired by the original Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, I find the character sheet for the second edition to be… frankly… uninspiring. Where the originals were lovingly rough by design, these look rough and rushed instead of rough and cared for.

So when it was announced that a fan group would be bringing back Warlock magazine (the original Fighting Fantasy support magazine) I jumped in and drew up a new character sheet while sticking close to the general design of the new edition’s sheet.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e Character Sheet
Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e Character Sheet (click for PDF)

[Download the PDF of this character sheet here]