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Heroes’ Feast showed up in the mail this week chez Dyson. It is a mighty thick D&D themed cookbook stuffed full of recipes but also nice bits of lore mixed in. And of course many of the recipes reference D&D places & people (Castle Amber Onion Soup, Hommlet Golden Brown Roasted Turkey with Sausage Stuffing and Drippings, Yawning Portal Buttermilk Biscuits, etc).

The book is really illustration heavy – with lovingly staged photographs of the food (and the fantasy milieu gives plenty of opportunity for much more staging than a typical cookbook), and illustrations on pages that aren’t recipes.

It is broken up into chapters based on human, dwarven, halfling cuisine and so on.

There are a number of recipes here that immediately caught our eyes that my fiancee and I plan on trying out over the coming weeks.

It is also really really pretty.