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Every month the awesome patrons of the Dodecahedron vote on maps to be re-released under the free commercial license (the “Release the Kraken Initiative”).

One of the top-voted maps for re-release this month is the Thorp at Appletree Pond. But it is a 7 year old map that I drew in a rough-textured book with a gel pen… and I’ve improved my skills (and in this case my tools) since.

Appletree Pond
Appletree Pond

So I’m redrawing it instead for next month’s releases. I still need to add the fields to the redraw (I might do them in Photoshop like in the style I’ve been doing for my more recent town maps), but I definitely like how this is turning out.

This should show up on the blog in early December. The buildings and roads have remained in exactly the same placement (although the fields will change a bit) – so you can use the old version as a simple map to assist in keying the more detailed one.