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A small farming community, Appletree Pond is built by their namesake water source, but is most notable because of the great church near the middle of town. Founded and built by a potent wandering cleric thirty years ago, the church is still attended to by this powerful minion of the gods.

Appletree Pond (300 dpi, no commercial license)

No one is quite sure what convinced Patriarch Brunn to found his church here, but no one is complaining that their small community is watched over by someone who can create food when the crops are poor, or even raise the dead or summon forth a swarm of insects when situations are dire.

Return to Appletree Pond
Return to Appletree Pond (1200 dpi)

I originally drew and released Appletree Pond in 2013, where it was drawn in a simpler style using a gel pen in a rough paper book. I am including that version of the map in this commercial release also, as it can be handy for doing a quick key to the town on a simpler map.

Appletree Pond
Appletree Pond (ye olde original version)

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