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I’m currently playing in a Neoclassical Geek Revival campaign run by Zzarchov Kowolski. This is our third campaign in this setting – the first was set well over a thousand years ago in an iron age campaign as two different PC groups attempted to make tribes out of our clans (by merging three clans together) and then make a kingdom of our tribes (by merging three tribes together).

During that campaign we discovered that it wasn’t a traditional iron age fantasy campaign… the whole thing is set on a variation of Larry Niven’s Ringworld (Pak and all), invaded by 40k gods and eldar (when CROM [Computerized Ringworld Orbital Maintenance] disabled an eldar craftworld within the ring’s orbit), and breached by Earthlings (and the Cthulhu mythos) when the corporations from the Fallout universe showed up and breached the ring using dark rituals from Dunwich Borers LLC. There’s other stuff in the mix too (lots of Doom references, and this particular campaign has a number of He-Man references too).

This particular campaign started as our expedition to pursue the Eldar across the oceans towards the rim crashed in unknown lands. So we had to establish a small base of operations for the survivors of the crew and explorers, and begin exploring the lands we had accidentally discovered. Here we are 5 years (20 sessions) later – out of game the GM stated that we’ve explored only a fraction of the map (probably about 20 to 25% or so).

Neoclassical Geek Revival - Age of Hexploration
Neoclassical Geek Revival – Age of Hexploration