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Forlorn Halls of the Mongrelfolk (300dpi promotional - no commercial license)
Forlorn Halls of the Mongrelfolk (300dpi promotional – no commercial license)

Cut into the cliffs of the Forbidden City are a number of temples, crypts, ruins, and other structures. Most have been taken over by one faction or another that dwells within the city. This particular structure is cut into the cliff face in the northeastern portion of the city looking over the encroaching swamps and has become a bastion of the mongrelfolk – a place to hide from the bugbears and to keep the bullywugs from coming deeper into the city.

Forlorn Halls of the Mongrelfolk (1200 dpi)
Forlorn Halls of the Mongrelfolk (1200 dpi)

The main chamber of the complex is a three-tiered affair that was once home to a statue of some ancient snake god. With the fall of the yuan-ti empire, and gradual collapse of the city, the statue was taken down and moved elsewhere. Now that main chamber is lit by small fires on all three tiers the main areas are used as communal sleeping and cooking spaces with the upper tier being home to the twisted mongrelfolk sorcerer and apprentices.

Forlorn Halls of the Mongrelfolk (1200 dpi, no grid)
Forlorn Halls of the Mongrelfolk (1200 dpi, no grid)

The walls of the complex have been defaced – partially covered with crumbling mud stucco over the original masonry in many places, and the frescos and bas reliefs of the yuan-ti that have not been covered in stucco have been defaced by tools and/or pigment along with written-out curses against them, their bloodlines, and egg-groups.


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