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Sprawling out in all directions from the Six Cities of Ency are the Ency Glowlands – areas that support only the strangest of life, monitored by the bright red inquisitor crocodiles and their ilk. As indicated by the name, large parts of the glowlands still glow at night, doubly so for those who can see beyond the limits of the traditional human genestock.

Ency Glowlands - Map 2
Ency Glowlands – Map 2

This stretch of the Ency Glowlands is west of the Six Cities of Ency and the Ency Glowlands Map 1, and continues to map the areas along the south bank of the Hot Way river. The only glowsites on this stretch are along the very south edge of the map, areas that have been stripped down to glowing bare rock and blackened sand and dust where almost nothing grows.

Ancient roads and ruins scatter the area including two points of interest that are mapped in detail.

  • The upper map is an old research facility that is still operational to some extent, under the command and control systems of a remarkably sane AI. The facility is at the north end of the largest island of the small river delta here, and the island is home to a number of poorly-maintained robots. The AI uses the robots to engage in trade with those approaching the southern structures of the island – primarily offering information and sometimes access to the work areas within the installation in exchange for robotic parts to keep the robots functional.
  • The lower map set is a squat dome-topped tower in the crook of the tributary just north of the glowlands and one hex column to the right of the northern facility. This facility has been taken over by a squad of Badders working with a couple of mutant adventurers who have set it up as their base of operations as they explore the nearby ruins and figure out how to disable and then salvage the facility to the north.

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