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The barrow hill of Balagant the Dragonslayer is set with a double ring of standing stones set around a massive menhir partially shattered in the battle that gave Balagant their moniker. Balagant the Dragonslayer went on to live to a ripe age, defending the region from the war fleets of Machlug and taking care of a few locally-sourced menaces as well.

Dragonslayer's Crown (300 dpi promotional)
Dragonslayer’s Crown (300 dpi promotional)

By the time of Balagant’s death, the first ring of stones around the crest of the hill had been added by the local folk around the great menhir of the slain wyrm. A small barrow was dug into the hill using druidic magics and three locks of Balagant’s hair (one from childhood, middle-age, and near-death) were interred here along with the teeth of the dragon as relics and reminders. The outer ring was added to the site over the next few years, sourcing stones from farmer’s fields and two taken from Balagant’s castle itself.

Dragonslayer's Crown (1200 dpi)
Dragonslayer’s Crown (1200 dpi)

The druidic circle of the Dragonslayer’s Crown is more a thing of myth these days – a few local druids still maintain the old barrow and hill, but ceremonies have not been held here in decades except for the midsummer festival when some of the townfolk from several nearby towns come to dance around the stones as part of their celebrations.

A new druid has recently taken over maintenance of the rings… but this druid is no fan of the farmers, the villagers, and the dragonslayer. Instead new rituals are being performed here to hatch a dragon from the stones themselves – a rocky beast to scour the lands of the influence of civilization and return it to the dragons of old.


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