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Pride is here, and we keep being proud because otherwise there is nothing left but wrath. Everywhere around the gaming social media environment today you see people complaining that “if you want to be treated like normal people, you have to shut up and stop this whole stupid pride thing” and similar.

Because we know how well it works when you keep the GLBTQ+ spectrum all hidden away in their closets right? That brings us Stonewall, execution in work camps, and conservatives flat out laughing as the AIDS crisis kills thousands of our loved ones before us.

This is something I only “came to terms” with in the last few years – the reason my immediate reaction to people shouting “SJW!” as a negative thing is not just annoyance, but a deep burning anger that makes me want to burn down the world.The AIDS crisis left me with some serious trauma that I never really dealt with. I met more people who died during the crisis than most people know (based on the studies that most Americans know about 600 people and we documented a few thousand that we worked with and were then lost to us – I personally met somewhere around 2000 victims). We watched politicians and conservative society shrug their shoulders and ignore the crisis that was slaughtering our friends.

Allowing ourselves to be “othered” by society is not acceptable. It is not allowable. It must be fought loudly and constantly and violently if need be.

Please feel free to use any of these designs on your social media accounts. I’ve provided a number of formats to fit the various designs of the headers (FB, for instance, keeps moving the location of your user photo, so the designs shift angles over the years).

I’m posting copies of these graphics here because Facebook mangles graphics so badly that they look horribly distorted on people’s pages when they grab the ones posted there.

I’ve received the usual snide allegations of “virtue signalling” and the usual crap from people who somehow see being positive and nice as a horrible character flaw. But the block filters are strong. This is NOT political. Politics doesn’t include who gets to be treated as human beings and who does not.

Always remember,
Stonewall was a riot,
and Silence = Death.