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Stephen Wendell has put together a great Holmes D&D stocking and exploration of my “Deep Halls” map. When I first presented the Deep Halls six years ago (six years ago?!?!), I had no clue how I would use this 179-room dungeon map spread over seven different elevations, and I invited others to do the heavy lifting for me – I map it, you stock it.

Stephen did.

I’ve known Stephen for over seven years as we are both among the original crew of an Empire of the Petal Throne campaign run by James Maliszewski. This map actually turned up in that campaign as part of the undercity of Sokatis as we went exploring for the ancient city records that predate the current empire.

But Stephen took on the full dungeon over on his Donjon Lands blog.

Colour-By-Depth (with grid)
Colour-By-Depth (with grid)

And he really gets into running / playing a randomly-generated version of the Deep Halls of Dreaming Amon-Gorloth. Discussing the region around it (and using classic material – the wilderness in question is the map / board from Avalon Hill’s “Outdoor Survival” and the original Monster & Treasure Assortments for stocking with monsters & treasure.

His whole series of articles on this game & setting are very much worth a read. He also does a great run through of the new edition of How To Host A Dungeon as a setup for another D&D campaign.