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The awesome Monday Night Doomslakers Crew has pivoted to yet another wonderful piece of old school gaming. This year we’ve played Top Secret 2nd edition (1981), Usagi Yojimbo 1st edition (1997), and now we’re kicking down the doors of Villains & Vigilantes 2nd edition (1982).

Like most non-point-buy superhero RPGs, this involves rolling a bunch of dice on various tables to determine your superpowers and then trying to figure out how they all work together.

Thus, I present my level 1 vigilante, MindWatch

Real Name: Raul Chamgerlain
Side: Good
Age: 19
Weight: 160 lbs
Experience: 0
Level: 1
Training: Strength

Strength: 8
Endurance: 13
Agility: 3 [18 psionic body]
Intelligence: 15
Charisma: 13

Basic Hits: 4
Carrying Capacity: 145 lbs (base)
Base HTH Damage: 1d4
Power Points (Human): 39
Power Points (Psionic Body): 54
Move: 24″

Inventing Points: 1.5
Healing Rate: 1.2
Accuracy Modifier: -4
Damage Modifier: +0
Detect Hidden: 12%
Detect Danger: 16%
Reaction (Good): +1
Reaction (Evil): -1
Hit Mod: (.8)(1.4)(1.2)(.4) [0.54]

Raul has a neurological disorder that keeps him confined to his family home in Louisville. He fights crime by manifesting a red crystal “psionic body” of himself that does all the things that Raul cannot.

The only power Raul has is the ability to manifest this psionic body – all other powers are part of the psionic body itself.

In 1983, MindWatch is a member of the Denizens, a group of strange beginning superheroes operating out of Lousiville, Kentucky. None of the Denizens has met Raul, just MindWatch.

Psionic Body – can project a psionic body by spending 80″ of movement (over multiple turns if needed). The psionic body forms within 6″ of Raul. The psionic body is treated as an Android Body and all the following powers are exclusive to the body (Raul can’t use them without projecting the body first).

+15 Agility
60% Human looking
20% self-repair capability (2 hit points)
Density Adjustment – six different weights available, costs 20″ of movement per category to change density (see density table below).

Absorption Psionic Device – 12 points of invulnerability vs magical and psionic damage sources. This damage is converted into hit points (1/4) and power points (3/4).

Heightened Defense (Skill) – -4 to be hit

Psionics – Psionic Invisibility – PR 1/hour – +1 to hit / -1 to be hit per turn spent invisible – bonus reduced to +1/-1 if position is given away or detect hidden check is made. Only works while it is in effect – afterwards you can see the psionic body on recordings, photos, etc.

Psionics – Ego Whip – Attacks as paralysis ray, PR: 3, 2 x Int range, 3d10 power damage.

Heightened Speed – +900″ movement, +30 initiative

Heightened Expertise – +4 to hit with Ego Whip

10% Weight16 lbsBH: 1Ag: 24HP: 3Dmg: +4Acc: +4Carry: 15lbsHTH: 1
50% Weight80 lbsBH: 2Ag: 20HP: 5Dmg: +3Acc: +3Carry: 72 lbsHTH: 1d3
100% Weight160 lbsBH: 4Ag: 18HP: 10Dmg: +3Acc: +3Carry: 145 lbsHTH: 1d4
250% Weight400 lbsBH: 8Ag: 16HP: 17Dmg: +2Acc: +2Carry: 362 lbsHTH: 1d6
500% Weight800 lbsBH: 16Ag: 14HP: 28Dmg: +2Acc: +1Carry: 725 lbsHTH: 1d8
1000% Weight1600 lbsBH: 32Ag: 12HP: 56Dmg: +2Acc: +1Carry: 1450 lbsHTH: 1d10