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[My Twitch Channel]

I’ve avoided posting it here and to my Patreon because it’s one of those things I worry I’ll not follow through on, but this is now the fourth week that I’ve been keeping it up… so here we go.

I’ve finally established a schedule at which I stream my digital work in progress – so if you want to see the sausage, I mean maps, being made you can drop in on my twitch channel three times a week to see the “action”.

I currently stream every
Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday
from 1-4pm Eastern time


These streams are for my digital work only (my eyesight is bad enough that my ink work involved me scrunched right up against the page, so the camera gets a wonderful view of the back of my head) and are a primarily work that will appear on the blog with a some commissioned pieces where I don’t have NDAs preventing me from showing the work in progress.

So far all streams have run for at least the three scheduled hours. As a side effect of the minimum three hour length, I’m taking on more “megamap” projects that I can work on if I finish a piece before the stream time is up. This means we’ll be seeing more maps like the Winter Tombs and similar pieces over the coming months as I work on them in the extra time at the end of a stream.

If you follow me on twitch (and turn on notifications – the little bell beside the follow button) you will receive an email when I go live. I also promote the beginning of each stream on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.