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Are you at GenCon this year? Checking out your seventeenth-favourite blog on your phone while letting your feet relax from all the walking?

The Hoopy Froods over at Gamer Concepts have got a bunch of cool stuff (in booth 1229). But forget about their cool t-shirts, nerdy stickers, murderhobo notebooks, handbags of holding… and check out the sherpa blanket.

Yeah… that’s a sexy soft warm dungeon experience for you. Well, in my case it was IMMEDIATELY claimed by the cats as their official new favourite thing. But when they aren’t snuggled into it, the Deep Halls Blanket has proven to be as soft, warm, and lovely as it looks. And it is really cool to see the Deep Halls in this format.

Of course, another one of their Deep Halls products was the focus of a lot of attention over the last year and they’ve got a bunch of them on hand – the Deep Halls Shower Curtain!

So yeah… My maps can overwhelm your home courtesy of Gamer Concepts. I use the shower curtain as a backdrop when doing video calls (and another hangs, as one would expect, in the shower).

Seriously, check them out at Booth 1229 at GenCon this weekend. And to help you find them, the interactive map of the venue is excellent this year: