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Gooz Hexes
Gooz Hexes (promotional 300 dpi)

These are the lands of the Ghost Dunes around Goozer City. When the pretty ones left the world to the Gooz much fell to ruin. Goozer City sits on the edge of the Ruint Rabble – an ancient city of the pretty ones that has collapsed into ruins and picked clean for treasures. From this detritus the Gooz have build Goozer City on the verge of the Ghost Dunes. The Gozr Canal carries the waste effluvia of the city into the dunes and to the Silent City – home of the mad king.

Gooz Hexes
Gooz Hexes (high rez, labeled)

This is the variant of the Gozr RPG base setting that I put together for my Gozr playtest. Gozr itself has a slightly different map of the region with emphasis on different elements. The labels on the map mostly map to locations that I have drawn already and posted to the blog – while some are merely hinted at with this map. Here are the locations that actually have maps drawn for them:

Gooz Hexes
Gooz Hexes (high rez, unlabeled)

Maybe I’ll draw maps for the locations we didn’t use, as well as a few of the towers explored during the playtest that don’t appear on the map (towers are something that you just run across at random – I would roll up a random tower before every session using the Gozr rules and drop it into play when it seemed the time was right).

Gozr itself is an RPG by James V. West – it hasn’t been released yet (we’re now in a second playtest game of it), but when it does hit final release, I’ll be sure to post about it again.


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