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Every year the D&D team at Wizards of the Coast hosts a big reveal event – this year centred around the latest D&D5e release – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. And while I’m loving the lighthearted approach to this year’s Celebration, I’m going to focus on two other products.

Yesterday on stream they did the big reveal on this October’s release: Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

The closing summary of the whole presentation came down to:

Interviewer: Why should we buy this book

But that’s not all. James spent a good five minutes of the interview praising and gushing over the fifteen dragon lair maps that are in the book and cited them as the first and most useful thing in the book for the average DM. Fifteen dragon lairs that I drew. I love working with James Wyatt because he is infectiously inspiring – he’s excited about the work and you feel it. And his art direction is very much “here’s some rough ideas, but really, read through the dragon (or organization in the case of the M:tG crossover books) descriptions, check out the art, and go wild.”

So yeah, I drew fifteen full page dragon lair maps for this book. One each for the five chromatic, five metallic, and five gem dragon types. Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons comes out October 19th.

But wait, there’s more!

Released at the same time as The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (and therefore seeing a lot less publicity) is the latest 5e Dungeon Master’s Screen – the Dungeon Kit. This screen and kit is designed for classic dungeon adventuring and includes a set of 36 new dungeon geomorphs that I designed specifically for the product. I’ll probably dedicate a few live streams to making more compatible geomorphs over the coming weeks so DMs can expand their collection.