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Last month was Swordtember and I drew 30 swords for it… but I’m not done yet. So I’m going to try to draw a sword every day for this month too. Who knows if I’ll run the full month, but whenever I’m done the plan is to put together a book of swords and then at some point release the drawings as an incidental stock art pack.

Bloodier is a short sword permanently covered with thick, heavy blood much like a heavy red enamel coating. This is claimed by various people to be the blood of a god, a great hero, a slain king, the lord of thieves, or the eldest of dragons. It is a Short Sword +2 that can use an illusion to disguise the bearer once per day for up to an hour – but the blade must be held and unsheathed and cannot disguise itself.

This sword is based on a request to draw some of the various weapons based on Liz Danforth’s early RPG illustrations – in this case the following illustration from Tunnels & Trolls: