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Last month was Swordtember and I drew 30 swords for it… but I’m not done yet. So I’m going to try to draw a sword every day for this month too. Who knows if I’ll run the full month, but whenever I’m done the plan is to put together a book of swords and then at some point release the drawings as an incidental stock art pack.

Bloodwing is a truly terrifying weapon – a vorpal sword in scimitar form. It is a sword +3 (to hit and damage) and decapitates opponents on high enough attack rolls (as per the standard vorpal sword rules). It is intelligent, lawfully aligned, and grants the bearer the ability to fly (as the spell) once per day for 1 hour.

This blade is well known and few are willing to stand against it – but those that do have the morale to fight it out will covet the blade and concentrate on bringing down the bearer to claim the sword for themselves.